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Company History

In 2001

Constitue negotiationem societatis Shenzhen

In 2008

R & D quadrigis aedificare UPS

In 2011

Eriges CPSY UPS officinam


Shangyu High Frequency / R & D Laboratory statutum Minimum Frequency UPS

In 2014

Pone independens R & D UPS in productionem

In 2015

UPS annui vicem fere 10 decies centena milia dollariorum maxime in foro domestico

In 2016

UPS Department exportatum statutum, Move ad officinam novam, circiter 5000m²

In 2017

Renova in notam logo et spectaculum CeBIT in Hannoveria, Germania adtende

In 2018

Shangyu Lithium Battery R&D Centre constitutum est, adesse Dubai Gitex exhibitionem et Hongkong Consumer electronic spectaculum


Attende exhibitionem MEE in Dubai, UAE

In 2020

Acquiritur YLGAOKE Subtilitas Aeris condicionibus Factory

Anno 2021

Acquisita Acquisita EV strue productio recta increpans

Anno 2022

Movere ad Shangyu Science and Technology Park, officinas area super 25000m²

Anno 2023

Quaeso expectamus expectantes

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